Blue Mountain Rentals Blog

Helping Landlords & Renters Click!


* Low cost advertising promotion packages.
Visit the Landlord Tools page for pricing and details

* Featured full page listing promotion with QR codes

* Tenant Placement service where we market, show & find prospects for you.
(Full services right up to the Lease signing which we leave up to you)

* Your listing is promoted online & in print ads

* Traffic driven marketing campaigns directs housing seekers to our site.

* Tools to assist you in ad creation – Slideshow presentation Give your ad some BUZZ!


* Free browsing of our online rental database

* Free Housing Wanted forum to list your dream home.

* Paid Housing search – We use your criteria & requirements to narrow down the rentals for you.

* Daily updates & Printable flyer


* Suggested links that are of interest to both renters & landlords. Examples include:

* State of WA Residential Landlord Tenant Act

* Free Annual Credit report

* Ads for a variety of items that take you to vendor sites

* Various links to Housing News articles

* Feedback page to post your likes, and suggestions regarding this site and our services

Includes testimonials from clients that have used our services!

* FAQ page for the most commonly asked questions.


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