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You made it past the hard part, you leased out your apartment! Now What? Now you try to make your new tenant transition into your property as smooth as possible. With these easy tips you can make your new tenant transition smoother, and therefore they will be happier.Offer moving services. Partner with a moving company in which you could send…

Lori Hartjoy‘s insight:

Just because the signature is on the dotted line does not mean that you need to stop providing help to your new tenant. You sold them the property, worked with them on the lease agreement and most times the only other contact is the monthly rental payments. Check out this great article to make your new tenants moving day stellar! I would encourage any landlord to at least offer #2 and #4. No cost other than maybe a piece of paper with information on it… Do you have any other tips to share? I’d love to hear them!

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