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Lori Hartjoy‘s insight:

Are you a landlord who has been targeted? I completely agree with this great article put together by the folks at Moco, Inc & Myscreeningreport. Too often I hear ‘Do you think the screening cost is driving people away?’ or ‘I use my gut to decide if I’ll rent to a person or not’ or my favorite – ‘I decide if they are good renters by how their car looks and how clean it is inside’ WHAT?  *cringe, cringe.


The reason the property management companies are more successful and have less loss & evictions is because they don’t budge on the screening process and cave in to ‘fill the rental’. Protect your investment and income and make sure you at least make calls on references, ask for paystubs and then run a credit/criminal check. These steps are not only to protect you, but your neighbors as well…

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