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ImageFrom “Cinco de Mayo Sale-a-bration” events to “11 tasty Fiesta recipes”, my emails this week have run the gamut on ways to celebrate the 5th of May. I have been very surprised to see all of the pomp and circumstance coming through my email about a day that celebrates the 1862 victory of a small Mexican army of 2-4,000 (depending on which article you read), over a French army roughly twice their size.

ImageWhile I enjoy an excuse to have:

  • an extra drink or two in celebration,
  • a way to save a few cents on a special sale, 
  • a new recipe that I had not thought of making before,

I have been a little disappointed to see that the true meaning of the celebration has been lost somewhat over time. Now, I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads and asking

“Isn’t it the Mexican Independence Day?”

Nope! That event happens in September, so you have a few more months to wait.

ImageDid you know that the US celebrates this day even moreso than Mexico? We are the only country that has events and celebrations nationwide. For those of us in the US, it is more of a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage than anything else. Sure, you’ll find happenings as far North as Canada and further South near the victory site in Puebla, Mexico but here in the USA, we have taken it to a larger degree. Why? Good question!

ImageI did some research not only on Cinco de Mayo to find out the history, but also on some myths that have cropped up over the last 150 years. My best hypothisis is that because the small Mexican army was able to defeat the French army that day, it triggered the US to take note and provide backup about 5 years later that prevented the French from taking over North America. Just think, if they had not been successful, we could all have a French heritage right now.

ImageSo, while you’re enjoying your parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals this weekend, remember the Mexican army that was the catalyst for our celebrations and toast a drink to them.

Are you putting on any special events or doing something out of the ordinary this weekend because of Cinco de Mayo? I’d love to hear about it…

Until next week, may your rentals be filled and your home be a happy place.

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