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There are so many things that I would love to be able to say I do well. Unfortunately I dabble a bit in most and don’t have the full knowledge term myself a master. Now, some would argue that fact as I do have quite a bit of knowledge in a lot of areas. I know many of you are much more tech savvy than I will ever hope to be. Today I am once again battling my limited techy knowledge and battling Office365 in the hopes of providing more information to my clients and having it look professional. I hope I succeed.

In my minds eye, I see these layered drawings and images that I hope I can make happen. For some reason, they never seem to come out the way I envision them from the start. I usually settle for something that is close enough to resemble what I had in mind but yet not as creative and crisp looking as what I have seen on some other websites.

If I had the wonderful artistic capabilities that my sister was blessed with, I would grab a pencil or pen and just jot down on paper what I wished to portray and viola I could scan it and upload with ease. Unfortunately, I’m lucky to be able to craft a stick figure (yes, this figure is my creation). So, I rely a lot on computer generated imagery. Of course, I have to start with an image that has been approved for sharing, modification and commercial use. So, I start with google advanced image search and begin my quest. Do you know how few photos and images are out there that are free to reuse? Not many. However, I usually come up with something close – just tweak your search parameters until you find something appropriate.

Because I am also not blessed with a huge wallet, I also have a limitation in the software I use to create my works of art. Generally I rely on good old Paint and believe it or not Open Office version of Powerpoint for layering. My best friend print screen allows me to take a snapshot and woot there it is, my masterpiece.

I know many of you think of me sitting here at this keyboard raking in the moola and with a few taps at the keyboard and mouse clicks, have the information you see on my website. In reality, I’m being hassled by my 3 tots, pulling out my hair and examining 3 or 4 different forum posts on “how to …” to accomplish the task at hand.

While I love the ease and functionality that todays technology provides us, there are many days that I think that the tried and true pen and paper serve us just as well.

Do you have techy type situations that you struggle with? Where do you find the best solutions? I’d love to hear your story…

Until next week, may your rentals be filled and your home be a happy place.

Lori Hartjoy is the owner of Blue Mountain Rentals, established in 2011. As well as being a devoted mother of 3 toddlers, she provides over 20 years of clerical experience to her clients. Her background includes processing employment, tenant screening, background checks and working as a property manager and payroll clerk for a major telecommunications corporation.

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