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What a slow-moving week it seems I’ve had. Shouldn’t it be Friday already? I think back to a few days ago when I had this great idea for a blog today and looking back I wonder “What the heck was that idea?”. So, I’m going to just jot some things down and hopefully you’ll find something of interest.

First of all, the weather. What crazy spring weather! We’ve seen temps in the 70’s and changeover to snow the following day. Yesterday and this afternoon, hail, lightning and thunder. I hope we get into the mid 60s like our averages are supposed to be really soon. I have 3 little girls just DYING to get outdoors and get some fresh air into their lungs.

I also attended and completed the Walla Walla Police Departments Crime Free Rental Housing Program. I have a lovely certificate that I’ll be adding to my website real soon. Even though I don’t own or manage properties, the information I gained will help me to assist my clients who do. It also gave me some clarification from a tenant perspective on many issues that I’ll be able to use myself and share with those I work with who are seeking housing. Great program that I strongly recommend you take if you have the opportunity.

I’m slowly crafting another E-Book called “How to prepare and apply for rental housing”. I’ll be getting it finalized and onto the website soon. I heard great feedback from the blog article I wrote about that same subject and decided it was well worth the time and effort to share the tips in a book format.

Looking forward, I know the warm weather is right around the corner. I have seen signs that the rental market is getting into the warm weather full swing with the increased number of phone calls and emails I’m getting from those seeking housing. Let me tell you, it is abundant right now. If you have a vacancy or will be having one soon, get it on the market sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the fact that there are those looking now and maybe you’ll be able to fill your rental BEFORE it becomes vacant.

I’ll leave you with one last thought for the day – something I’m learning from my 2-year-old. She is my bubbly social butterfly – “Everyone loves a song and holds a song in their heart”. Find your song and let it flow. Not only will you be happier inside, but it will also show on the outside. Everyone likes being around people who are happy. Do you have a favorite song that makes you happy no matter what? Mine is “Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.

Until next week, may your rentals be filled and your home be your happy place.

Lori Hartjoy is the owner of Blue Mountain Rentals, established in 2011. As well as being a devoted mother of 3 toddlers, she provides over 20 years of clerical experience to her clients. Her background includes processing employment, tenant screening, background checks and working as a property manager and payroll clerk for a major telecommunications corporation.

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