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With spring right around the corner, I started thinking of some Spring related events that pop into my head with the nicer weather. The days are becoming longer, the sun is actually coming out and warming up the temperatures a bit and there is the whole “Spring Ahead” event that happens this weekend for daylight savings time – Don’t forget to set your clock ahead an hour! A few popular spring time events that come to mind are: Barbecues, Spring Cleaning and one that you may not think of … House Hunting.

It is pretty traditional to see the housing market pick up not only for home sales, but for rentals as well when sprintime comes. To be honest, I hate moving during the cold, snowy & icy winter months. The loads have to be covered or transported in a box truck to keep your belongings safe. There are the muddy, dirty footprints that get tracked in and have to be cleaned not only in your new home, but more cleaning for the home your leaving. What a hassle!

There was no surprise to me to see a jump in just the last few weeks in the amount of traffic on my listing site and the number of calls I have been getting from people relocating to our area. The job market here has been pretty stable and there have been quite a few opportunities that you can’t find in some of the larger metro cities, without fighting off 500 other people for the job.

While our small friendly home town is keeping pretty steady, it would be wonderful to see some economic growth in the housing markets. The news articles all seem to point to housing as the tipping point between good and bad economies. I have been posting some job opportunities on my personal facebook page for anyone interested in relocating. While the housing market is definitely heating up, it hasn’t gotten so hot that you can’t find affordable housing for your family. Remember, the cost of living here is not as much as it would be in Seattle, and the housing market reflects that.

So, open the windows, get the stale air out of your home and start dusting off the warm weather gear…  Spring time is here!

What are some opportunities you take advantage of in the warmer weather?

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