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From the Craigslist scammer alerts – I usually have a generic ad running daily in the housing section about scammers and some of the typical ad behaviours. My hope is to save some unsuspecting house hunters who do not use the listing site as often as I do to be more aware of the scams running out there.

Of the two comments I have received since starting this practice in October:

“Why Bother, this won’t stop them”

“thank you for help. had one of these people contact me.  your post saved  me”

The second comment was the one that made me continue the practice. It is an ongoing problem that will probably be around forever.

Have you recently moved into a new rental? Maybe you have a renter that will be moving into one of your units. Here are some good suggestions on securing their new home.

1. Window locks – Great for all first floor windows. The screw type will also allow the window to be left open slightly in the summer to let the evening cool air in without giving full access to those who may not have the best intentions at heart.

2. Blinds, drapes & window coverings – By using window coverings in the evening, you will block your actvities from the outside world, and keep your personal belongings more private from prying eyes.

3. Know your neighbors – You don’t have to be on a first name, great them every time you see them type basis, but at least introduce yourself. They are close and an extra set of eyes when you are away on vacation won’t hurt. They would also be a great person to ask to collect your mail and paper while you are away so they don’t pile up.


Finally, with spring around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to plant in your backyard garden plot. Some great items that work well for early planting are potatoes, carrots and peas. Better polish up your green thumb and get to work!



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