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For many, the new year means sitting down and thinking of a habit they would like to break or something in their life they are ready to change. My 2012 New Year’s Resolution is a typical habit to try and overcome – overeating. I have never really had a problem with my weight until I had 3 children after the age of 40 – the weight gain just never dropped off. My metabolism is finally slowing down I guess.

Many of my friends and family probably remember when I was a teen and I quipped “I’ll never weigh more than 112lbs”. This year I am well over that jaded teen view of ideal weight. I am also a firm believer in the fact that you only live once, eat what you like. That theory is now kicking me in the behind and taking me down hard. I personally hate diets, the thought of rabbit food appalls me. However, I think it’s time to finally cave in and try something new.

What exactly is a diet? From dictionary.com #3: Diet – such a selection or a limitation on the amount a person eats for reducing weight: No pie for me, I’m on a diet. The rental market holds some similarities to a diet. Landlords who have vacancies are trying to get rid of them. In fact, I see many of the same ads week after week and I’m sure those people would really like to lose a few of them and gain some extra income instead.

People are creatures of habit. Some of the reasons I’ve heard from landlords for sticking with their old routine:

I placed a sign in the window last time this house was vacant and it rented in 3 days.

I usually just post it on craigslist and have a ton of calls in just a few days.


I have also been hearing:

I just don’t understand why my rental is still empty after 8 weeks.

 I’m battling scammers on craigslist and my rental is still empty.

Are you stuck in a rut like these people were? Change may be in order for you as well. If you’ve been using the same ad week after week and not getting any response, it may be time to cave in and try a different approach. Have you tried to reword it? Make it more enticing, creative? Where are you advertising it? There are so many options out there, but maybe you’re not a as tech savvy and able to maneuver yourself around the internet as well as a 20-30 year old would. Keep in mind, the younger generation is more likely to be online 24/7 and if they can’t find your vacancy, they won’t rent it.

Some of the tools and services that Blue Mountain Rentals can offer you will help break you out of the mold and get you out of your rut. They may even get some income flowing back into your wallet sooner rather than later. I promise I won’t break your bank in getting it done either. I know that you would much rather invest your money into getting the bones of the rental all fixed up, new paint, carpet, etc. Does the thought of sitting down and diligently listing your ad manually on over 20 different websites and renewing them daily really jazz you up? Most likely, your answer is no.

Think of all the things you can buy for less than $10/week. Is your advertising one of them? If you said no, maybe you should take a look into some of the tools and services I can assist you with. I may even offer you a trial promotion package for the price of a latte’ just so you can see if you get more calls than your previous attempts. I’ll even assist you in rewording your old ad and getting the information the renters are seeking out to them in an affordable way, if you need something more creative.

What are some of the ways you have successfully or creatively found to get your rental filled? I would love to hear your story.

Lori Hartjoy is the owner of Blue Mountain Rentals. As well as being a devoted mother of 4, she provides over 20 years of clerical experience to her clients. Her background includes processing employment, tenant screening, background checks and working as a property manager and payroll clerk. The information contained on this blog and from any communication related to the Blue Mountain Rentals website is provided for informational purposes only. All information you choose to use is at “your own risk”. Please visit http://www.bluemtnrentals.com for more information on how Blue Mountain Rentals can provide a win-win solution for your housing needs.

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