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It is that time once again to make our homes glitter and sparkle for the holiday season. From someone who loves Christmas and has very fond childhood memories, I can’t think of a better article for this week than some tips on decorating a rental that won’t put your landlord in a bah humbug mood when they see it. Being a renter myself, I know that it’s best to take care and not to damage anything when trying to put up my seasonal decorations. Here are a few tips to get you started:

The outside – When hanging lights, get some plastic clip hangers that do not attach directly to the home, but rather they grab the eaves or gutter. It is a great way to get those lights up for the holiday season and they are easy to put up as well as take down. They can be used year after year.

Look for holiday decorations that you can set up out further in the yard by themselves. Some great ideas are the blow up decorations or solar powered. If you decide to go with the solar powered items, you won’t need all the extension cords. Plus, you’ll save a little on your electric bill at the same time. Maybe it’s time to shop for a holiday upgrade or two.

If you have a metal front door, use magnetic hangars for your decorations or wreaths. Have a wood door? Ever wrapped one? A great way to decorate a large wood door is to get some plastic decorative wrap and wrap it like a present. It looks great and will hold up well – maybe even more than one season if you can get it stored away good.

Ever thought about having a tree decorated outside your home? Don’t have a good tree or shrub that can substitute for a holiday tree? A great way to go is getting a live tree that you can later place in the ground. Make sure you check with your landlord before you add it to the landscape or arrange for a friend or family member to take it home after the holidays. Live trees come in all shapes and sizes and a small one with a strand of solar lights may be just what you need to give your yard a nice holiday touch.

The inside – I personally have a great collection of items from when I was a child and crafted things. I am also getting a great collection from my children. I love to display them all since they have such warm memories for me. But, what is the best way to get them up where everyone can see them? I like to use the new hangars with the pull adhesive to take them down again. I am against using tape. Adhesive tape can remove paint and leave sticky adhesive behind. I don’t like using tacks or pushpins because of the holes they leave in the woodwork. A great product is the 3M command strips and hooks. There are many other brands and alternatives out there though.

When placing lights inside of your windows, try using some suction cup hooks. They don’t leave a mark, are easy to install and they can be reused year after year. You can now make designs inside the window instead of the generic around the frame look too. They can also be used for the smaller decorations that hang in windows.

There are so many options for inside decor. Mistletoe, garlands, bows… the list goes on and on. Just make sure that whatever you choose to use as your decoration style, you keep the items that you use to install the decorations landlord friendly. Try not to leave a renter footprint or you may end up paying for it later.

When it comes to trees, there again are many variables. Some choose to cut a tree but remember you need to water and will have clean up of dropped needles. Some use live trees – again water is key here and you don’t want to give it a shock if it was stored outside where you purchased it and are setting it up inside a warm home. The same goes for placing it back outside again when your holidays are over. Artificial trees have come a long way since they were first introduced to us. This is what we normally use in our home. It saves on cost, we don’t have to go get a new one every year and it is easy to store.

This year however, we’re electing for something a little different, and I’m getting creative. Our littlest toddler is at that age where a tree would be such a huge temptation. I am actually crafting a tree out of construction paper that will go on the wall. My 4 yr. old twins will then help me with their art to decorate it and make it a holiday masterpiece for us to place our presents near this year.

Remember, while there are no right or wrong ways to deck your halls, you do want to keep the items you use to get the decorations prominently displayed as property friendly as you can find. You will benefit from in later with no deductions for property damage and your landlord will be happy that there is no holes to fill or repairs to be made.

Looking back through the past, what has been the biggest decorating challenge that you have faced?

I’m sure you all have great holiday tips as well. I look forward to reading your comments.

I wish all of you a happy holiday season!

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