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Yesterday I read an amazing article about Nextdoor.com which will allow social networking on a local level. I think this is a wonderful tool and will allow us as local neighbors to share information that maybe would otherwise go unnoticed.

I started up an area for my own location and while we’re still getting the kinks worked out (name, boundaries, etc) I’m looking forward to being able to share events and local news with those that live near me.

Nextdoor.com told me this morning during a conversation about the boundaries that eventually they will be making it to where connected neighborhoods could also share information. I was hoping that they could make Walla Walla all one large neighborhood, but they said the area was too big.

I think that if the neighborhoods are able to share with one another it will make networking on a local level much easier. I can think of many things that are related to my business that I would love to share locally and not on facebook or twitter. I think that this venue will provide just that opportunity.

If you are in the “Pioneer Park” area, give me a holler and I’ll send you out an invitation. If it says that you are outside the boundaries, start up your own neighborhood and help me grow our local area network…

Thank you everyone and I look forward to sharing more information next week!

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