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Often times while talking to housing seekers out there, I hear the comment “It is so hard to find pet friendly rentals in the Walla Walla Area”. While the national average says that pet friendly rentals are on the rise, everything seems to move at a slightly slower pace here in the valley because we don’t see the extreme fluctuations in the rental market like the larger cities do.

I have found several times while processing housing searches for my clients, that the landlords in this area will allow pets if their ad does not state “no pets”. However, you will have to call and talk to the landlord or owner to confirm their pet policy. I have heard of pet fees recently from $100 per pet to $500 per pet. Some are refundable fees, others are not. There are also some things that you can do now to help your Woofums (dog) or Memeows (cat) have a pet friendly rental experience.

Woofums can take a doggie behavior class at our local area Petco store. Call them in advance to see when classes area available. Get your dog a certificate stating that they are well behaved and good mannered. This shows prospective landlords that you are a responsible pet owner as well as one who is interested in making sure that their property is kept free from damages.

For any type of pet, ask your neighbors to write a reference letter stating their experiences with your pet. Are they quiet animals who have done no damage? Get something in writing. Present it to a prospective landlord with your rental agreement so they have something in black and white showing that your pet is a good one.

Have your current or even a prior landlord to write you a letter of recommendation about how the rental unit has been maintained while you and your pet have been tenants there. Often times, this will assist a new landlord in making a decision about accepting Woofums or Memeows into their rental property. If a current or prior rental property was left with no damages from your pet, they may be more inclined to welcome your pet.

Talk to your pets veterinarian and try to get a personal letter from them stating your pets temperament, showing that their shots and immunizations are up to date, when the last flea and tick treatment was and if they have been spayed or neutered. All of these things show that you are a responsible pet owner and that you take care of the health and well-being of Woofums and Meomeows.

Make sure you read the entire pet policy before you sign it to make sure you understand about all of the fees involved. In some cases, the landlords may even list the pet as a “tenant” on the lease.

It is a shame that irresponsible pet owners are the main reason that it is so hard to find pet friendly rentals. However, with a little work and effort, you will be able to present Woofums and Memeows to your new landlord in the best possible light.

Good luck in your housing search!

Lori Hartjoy: I am the owner of Blue Mountain Rentals which was established in April of 2011. I bring over 20 years of clerical experience to my clients. My background includes processing employment, tenant screening and background checks and working as a property manager. The information contained on this blog and from any communication related to the Blue Mountain Rentals website is for information purposes only. Please visit http://www.bluemtnrentals.com for more information on how we can provide a win-win situation for you.