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I had someone phone me the other day to ask about the services that I offer through Blue Mountain Rentals. I started off with a very beige, boring statement “I provide Rental promotion services for Landlords and Housing search services for Renters”. The next question they asked was “What is your success rate?” To be honest, it left me at a loss for words for about 5 seconds. That is a large pause on the telephone, to listen to silence. I asked myself – “Are my services are successful?” Yes, they are! I have feedback and testimonials spread over my website showing just that. However, I had to get this conversation more interactive and much more colorful than beige.

One of the most important things that advertising coaching and training tells us is – you have only a few moments in the first initial contact to “sell” yourself. Having the moments, even seconds lost in silence is not a great way to begin. In my slow to recover, foggy, zombie like state, I feel that I did an okay job of answering the initial question with a beige reaction – subpar at best.

After I received that phone call, I began brainstorming to come up with a much better reply for that initial question. What does Blue Mountain Rentals Provide? I am a matchmaker, an investigator, a statistician. I provide the opportunity for win-win situations in the rental housing market. I assist landlords and renters to click in the local rental market. I provide opportunity and resolution. All of these responses are much more colorful than “beige”.

It is easy to get sucked into our daily routines. After a while, our initial greeting on the phone begins to get dull and dreary. Make sure you treat each opportunity with excitement. Share the vision that you have of your business with every contact you make. This is after all the opportunity to shine and gloat about the success that you are creating – A journey to greatness – Your Dream.

Don’t stop with the phone calls and business contacts either. Make sure you integrate this process in your daily routine, email, website and blog as well. When I say EVERY contact that is exactly what I mean. Even those you greet in your daily activities – the woman you greet on the other side of the gasoline fueling island, the cashier and bagger at the grocery store, they all count. After all, you never know who your next client will be.

If you are able to do this simple task – sell yourself in the first few moments of every contact. You will be successful and your business will follow suit.

Lori Hartjoy: I am the owner of Blue Mountain Rentals which was established in April of 2011. I bring over 20 years of clerical experience to my clients. My background includes processing employment, tenant screening and background checks and working as a property manager. The information contained on this blog and from any communication related to the Blue Mountain Rentals website is for information purposes only. Please visit http://www.bluemtnrentals.com for more information on how we can provide a win-win situation for you.