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The following are some of the things that go on at Blue Mountain Rentals on a typical day, so that I can help bring Landlords and Renters together. I have found landlords have more pressing issues to be concerned with when preparing a vacancy to rent and by offering low cost advertising options, I save them time. In the same regards, prospective renters have much more on their plate than phoning ads when they are preparing for a move.

In the course of my daily activities, I have come up with a comprehensive database of ads that allows me to share leads with renters and allows them to spend their time on the more important aspects of a housing move. It will assist them to narrow down the field of rentals by offering all the rentals in one convenient place to search. I also use that data to offer low cost housing search options for those seeking housing that just don’t have the time to make calls at all.

My day usually begins by searching not just the 20 or so websites that I post to when listing an ad, but also the local property management company sites, local newspaper classifieds and about 10 other listing sites that I do not use, due to listing limitations or cost. I am searching for two things, new rentals that were posted since my last visit and housing wanted posts for the areas that I service. Some of the sites I view will be visited periodically throughout the day because there is so much traffic and I want to share those listings as soon as possible.

All new rental listings that I find are manually added to a rental tracker database. For ads with enough contact information, I am able to reverse search and send out promotional information on my services to area landlords and owners. I also update our website with the additional rentals for those seeking housing to use as “Rental Leads”. Usually this update is done only once a day, but if there are enough new additions, I may post a second update later in the day as well.

When I find housing wanted posts for the areas I service, an email or postcard is sent out to let the prospective renter know of my services, as well as inform them of any rentals that I am promoting that fit their criteria. A full copy of the ad and landlord contact information is also included. If I don’t have any listings that fit their criteria, I will contact them with the services that Blue Mountain Rentals can help them with and a general mention of the number of ads that may fit their needs.

At some point during my day, I may receive a call or email for a new listing to be promoted. When a landlord contacts me, I get as many details as I can. I encourage the landlord to write a descriptive advertisement of their vacancy. Most listings will help to prescreen renters when properly worded. I can provide ad writing services for a small fee if the landlord is unsure of what to include in an ad. I always make sure to include the basics – Landlord contact information, Address (even if it is not used in the ad), Rent, Deposit, Pets, Rooms, Bathrooms, Garage, any utilities that are included and Acceptance of Public Housing vouchers. I always recommend a photo, even if it is one from the County Assessor site. Often times, people seeking housing will be more inclined to read ads that include a photo. Most listings with a photo will rent faster than those without. Again, I can take photos for a small fee. A proof of the ad is sent to the owner/landlord and they are encouraged to view their ad on the Blue Mountain Rentals website: http://www.bluemtnrentals.com, to see how it looks. All changes made in the first 24 hours are free for the first notification. A small fee will be charged for multiple changes or changes made after the first 24 hours. After all, time is money.

Once the ad is ready to be listed, I use a check list and manually submit the advertisement to each listing site. After the ad has been posted to all 20+ websites, I share the listing with social media posts to encourage my friends, family and followers to look at the ad and to share with those they may know of that are seeking housing. A handful of the sites I list on allow me to repost, relist or renew my ads to the top every few days. I take the time to do that in my morning routine. This way the content is one of the first ads that a housing seeker will find in their search.

When a housing search request comes in, it’s time to switch gears. I take the initial contact, and send out an email requesting the full details for what the renter is looking for. I want as many search criteria detail as I can get to make sure the results I provide will be a suitable match. While not all the results will have 100% of the search criteria, generally they will have most of what the renter is seeking. An invoice is sent by email and once the payment is received, I start my process.

If you remember from earlier, I maintain a rental tracker database with all of the ads I find. This is in a spreadsheet format so it makes it easy for me to filter out the basic information. I take all the ads that fit the basic search requirements and prepare a worksheet. I then start making phone calls and sending emails to determine if they also match the detailed criteria. I make contact with the local property management companies in the area and inquire about any listings they may have available, including some that may not be on their websites. I try to gather as many rentals as I can for the housing seeker.

I provide periodic updates throughout the day during the search and use any feedback received to fine tune my inquiries. All of the matches and details that fit the criteria are loaded into a presentation format. At the end of the day it is converted to a pdf file to share with the housing seeker. This easy to read report will include all of the details that the landlord provides, including any photos I am able to have them send me. I may use the photos from the assessor site if they seem to be a good representation. The report includes all landlord contact information. This allows them to make further contact with the landlord/owner and make appointments to view the property.

Twice a week, I update the rental lead list on the website and get rid of all of the old listings and updates. I like to provide fresh content and listings that are old are probably rented. Once a week I prepare a printable adobe pdf flyer, so that those who are seeking housing can easily take it with them while they are house hunting or to make notes on as they make phone calls. It includes both the listings I am promoting as well as the rental lead list shown on the website.

Once a week I write a blog article about something interesting that I feel those who are using my site may be interested in. The topics vary and I always look forward to the comments and suggestions for future articles. Sometimes I see something posted on a social media site that gets the creative juices flowing. Usually these articles take several days, from rough draft to final touch ups. I want the content to be easy to read and without any spelling errors. There are many edits before my final publication on Thursday. Once the blog is published, I share it on social media sites, hoping that some will share or comment on the blog.

I make periodic updates to the in depth website. Yes, I am the creator of that masterpiece, including the content on Tips for Ad Creation. I receive many phone calls throughout the day, some from renters and some from landlords. I take the time to try to help each one as best I can without giving away my services. After all, they may become future clients 🙂 If you have any questions about the services I offer with Blue Mountain Rentals, or would like assistance in any of the services I offer, feel free to contact me. I look forward to talking with you all soon!

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