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Beginning September 8th, I will be running a 2 part series (maybe longer) on rental properties. I will begin with “A Renters Perspecitve” What you need to know to begin renting. This should be a helpful article for those looking to rent a home in the near future.

This is a great way to brush up on the things you’ll need to know even if you’re a long time renter. I’ll be including things such as how to prepare for your housing search, what you’ll need to fill out the rental application and what things you’ll likely have to pay for to secure the house you choose.

The second part of this series will be “Long term income vs. the Sale”. This portion will be focused on the home owner as more and more are looking to find a way to gain some income for a home that they no longer live in.

I will be providing some insight on how to estimate rental pricing, screening your prospective renter, how to advertise, a sample rental agreement, Changes to your insurance, the landlord tenant act for the state of WA, maintenance and the one we all hate to think about – Evictions.

I hope these articles will be informative and helpful to each side as I have experience with both. I am a long time renter myself and have held positions with a tenant screening company as a property manager.

I look forward to any feedback that you may have on either viewpoint.