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With the fast moving pace of technology, often times it is hard to keep up with the pace. They say that “you learn something new everyday”. I agree wholeheartedly. Even in the housing industry, it is ever growning, changing and evolving.

One of the newer pieces of technology is the QR code. You can find out exactly what it is by visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_codes. I personally found the article very interesting.

I only recently found out about QR codes in May of this year, although they have been around for some time now. Many companies are finding ways to integrate these little gems into their advertising in order to assist those who have the capabilities to use them. They are handy, easy to use and offer a much better way to store information than the old pen and notebook routine.

Blue Mountain Rentals has the ability to generate this code for ANY listing we promote. We automatically include it in our “Featured Listing” package as all of those listings have a page devoted solely to one rental. However, we can easily make one for every listing and include it in your ad.

Considering the number of off campus renters in the Generation Y group that are moving throughout our local area economy, I think QR codes a wise choice. Many of these students are tech savvy, have always had access to a computer, even in school, and are far more educated in the technology based world than the Baby Boomers or even Gen X will ever be.

QR codes are small, and hold enough data to get your message across without taking up the bulk of your ad.
I would love to discuss it more with you and anticipate your comments for discussion. Let me know what you think about this great way to let people get your information.