Often times, especially with an online business, we lose focus and individual relationships due to anonymity. We read that e-mail and address the pressing request and once we move on, it soon becomes forgotten. Just some pixels sitting in a trash can somewhere. Have we done the best job we can? Were we able to meet our customers needs? Did we go above and beyond to make their experience more than they anticipated when they chose to engage their business request with us? In most cases, these questions remain unanswered.

It is refreshing to receive e-mails from those who have used our services to let us know that we are in fact, providing the best customer services and that we have met their needs. Case in point – the following testimonial:

Testimonial Received 8/5/2011

To every house hunter out there looking for that special place to live:

Don’t waste your time on your own. Seek Blue Mountain Rentals assistance BEFORE you begin that all important search.

Blue Mountain Rentals owner – Lori Hartjoy had customer service and professionalism that is second to none. She has guided us through our house hunting struggles with a bulldog determination to achieve and capture results that met our housing needs. More importantly for us, she guided us with compassion, kindness and an understanding that lifted our stressors making our house hunting experience more enjoyable.

My advice to everyone searching for that special place to call home, please do yourself a favor and don’t wait to seek her professional house hunting guidance; see Lori first and save yourself peace of mind.

To Ms. Lori, thank you from the both of us.

Craig and Kelly

These types of e-mails are what makes the very slow process of building up a brand new business on a shoestring budget and a prayer all worth the while.

Please keep your constructive criticisms and wonderful feedback coming! I know that every start-up business will only grow by receiving the much-needed energy boost they give.