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I offer services to both sides to allow those offering residential rental properties to connect easily with those seeking housing. Our rentals and services cover an approximate 25 mile radius from Walla Walla and include College Place, Milton-Freewater, Prescott, Dayton, Waitsburg, Dixie, Weston, Athena, Touchet, Lowden and many more small communites.

For landlords & property managers, rental listings are posted to 9 different online sources and several of those share with other online listing sites so your ad is being seen all over the internet. Our rates start at 10 days for $7.50 for a 50 word text ad and go up to $22 for a 10 day Feature ad with your own page on our website. We search housing wanted listings to see if we can locate people looking for what you have available and send them in your direction. We know that advertising can become quite expensive, however when you consider that a rental that you offer at $1000 loses $32.88 every day it’s empty, 75 cents a day to advertise is very affordable. There are tools available on our website to assist you in creating an ad that provides buzz. We can give you suggestions along the way as well.

For those seeking housing, our housing searches are done using an accumulated database that we have compiled while trying to locate new rental owners. When you post for a free search, we will keep an eye out but not provide updates daily – you will probably see a suggestion every couple of days if we find something. Paid searches include us making phone calls using your criteria to help you locate the exact housing you are seeking. If possible, we obtain photos and submit all the information to you daily. It is then up to you to decide if you have enough to go on or if you want us to search again the next day. Our paid search service is set at a low $5 a day rate since we know your main focus is going to be getting into a place and those expenses are quite costly.

I encourage anyone providing or seeking housing in the Greater Walla Walla area to contact me to see what I can help you out with in your housing quest. Feel free to poke around the website and see what others have said about our services on the feedback page. You are always welcome to e-mail or phone me with any questions you may have about any of the services we provide.

I look forward to helping all Landlords & Renters Click!